Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Say something
I can’t stand the silence
It’s eating away at me

I sit
I wait
I hope
But all that greets me
Day after day
Is silence
More of the same
Nothing changes

Just out of reach
Out of sight
Out of sound
Out of range
But not out of mind

The silence
Tears at me
To a crescendo
It’s all I hear

There’s no music
Just silence
With occasional flashes
Of light
That penetrate
My bubble
My world

Like a smile of joy
At a memory
But mostly wistful

It’s over
The silence
But I ignore it
For the silence
To be

The little voice
That tells me
The wait
Is in vain

One sound
Still resonates
Loud and clear
Those last words:

I’ve waited
Long enough
It’s time
For you to
To come out
From hiding

Say something
I can’t stand the silence
It’s eating away at me

Monday, July 17, 2006

Just Another Weekend

Just another weekend gone by.

Late Friday afternoon, as I was cooking for shabbos, I accidentally cut my finger with a nail. It was not just any nail, but my own fingernail that turned against me. The cut was so deep that it took 3 hours of standing and sitting with my hand above my head and either applying pressure or wrapping it too tight to stop the bleeding. No swimming for me.

Saturday night I spent most of the time writing down all the thoughts that had been going on in my head. It was frustrating that I couldn’t write anything down, but I managed to remember most of it.

On Sunday we went to visit my sister in camp. My grandfather came with us in the car. Him and my Dad are always at odds and arguing over which way is best. So naturally most of the way they were arguing over which way was faster. My grandfather kept chiming in that the way we were going had more traffic and took at least 7 minutes longer and we would have made it faster his way. This only caused my Dad to speed (a little more than the usual 15 mph over the speed limit). There were 6 of us in a six-seater car and I was sitting in the middle seat of the back row with my grandfather next to me. He has a very high pitched voice and when he argues he tends to scream. Needless to say without my Discman to distract me, I was not happy.

Anyway, the weekend ended very well. The Yankees swept their huge 3 game series with the White Sox to begin their second half with a bang. They have quietly moved up in the standings and are only a half game behind the AL East leading Red Sox and only 3 games in back of the White Sox in the wild card race. Go Yankees!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Sneaks into
My dreams
Can’t let it die
Haunting me
Maybe eventually
My dreams
Will come true
But how long will I have to wait
I can’t
Waste my life
So I try
To file it away
To pick up
The pieces of
My heart
And move on

To put on
A brave front
Deep inside
The pain
That just won’t
Go away
Even with time
Scaring me
Because I can’t
That there’s something
Holding me back

What I can’t have
Despising the silence
When there’s nothing
More for me to say
And no word
From you
It’s not up to me
But in
Someone else’s hands
Out of my control

But still I
Can’t lose hope
Can’t lose faith
Because without it
There would be
Nothing left
Who would I be
Without my
Hopes and dreams
I would fall apart

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Let's Call it Even

I meant to post earlier, but… Awesome subway series that ended with both teams going 3-3. Both teams were pretty evenly matched at the start of the season, but the Yankees were considered the underdogs (especially in 2nd round) due to injuries and standings. Bragging rights go to no one yet.

I was dying to watch the game, but because it didn’t start until 9:15 I couldn’t go to a friend’s house to watch it. So while I didn’t get maximum enjoyment from the game, it came pretty close. In the top of the second when the Mets took a 4-0 lead I thought the Yanks were in big trouble. Torre took Wright out and brought Villone (won the game Friday night when he took over for Moos after the rain delay) in before the inning had ended. The Yankee offense had been slumbering (Yankees were second in runs scored in May and second to last in runs scored in June) and it didn’t seem likely that the Mets would stop at 4. Posada hit a solo homer in the bottom of the second and in the 3rd the Yankees really had an offensive breakout. Nick Green gave life to the inning when he walked and stole second…fast forwarding to a few batters later… after Soler was slow in covering first I thought, “haha, here we come”… A-Rod up with the bases loaded no one out big clutch situation and he came though big time with a GRAND SLAM and the Yankees snatched the lead 6-4. When A-Rod reached home plate la Duca had some words for him. I didn’t see the grand slam so I can’t give my opinion of whether he was showing up the pitcher, but the Mets are a young and very emotional team. Are the Yankees, especially the beleaguered A-Rod, not allowed to let out their emotions? A-Rod was pushed out of the dugout for a curtain call by his teammates. He has had 3 homers in his last 4 games. In the 7th inning fans were even chanting his name throughout his at bat, but when he made out there were some boos, although I think they were sarcastic.

Anyways I won’t get into the rest of the details, but it was an awesome game.

Back to the present. After losing 2 games to Cleveland this was a game the Yankees had to win with Moos going. They did not disappoint. They had been scoring about 2 runs per game (excluding the subway series finale) so they manufactured runs. Every chance a Yankee player got, he would steal (6 of 6). Once they got started they didn’t stop. The bottom o the lineup really contributed tonight with Cabrera’s grand slam the biggest blow. Chris Wilson looked like a nice surprise as he made his Yankee day view and pitched 2 perfect innings of scoreless relief. Mo came in for the 9th in desperate need of some work and they won 11-3.

After Wright’s and Chacon’s latest disasters the Yanks desperately need another reliable pitcher if they are going to win with there depleted offense. What they wouldn’t give to have Andy Pettitte back. I knew they were really stupid for letting him go then and he was my favorite pitcher (he pitched in my first baseball game). Now they’ll have to give up just as much, if not more, just to rent a guy if they are going to make the playoffs.

In 83 games the Mets went 49-34 and are in first place by 10.5 games, and in 82 games the Yanks are 47-35 and 3 games in back of the Red Sox for first place. They have just about the same record. But their positions are totally different. Oh and the Devil Rays have just won 3 straight over Boston and the Yanks finally pick up a game in the standings.