Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Random note

One day recently when I was walking in the city I decided to stop in Abercrombie after walking for 40 blocks. It was an unusually warm day outside and there were what looked like a few Abecrombie models hanging out outside the store. As I walked into the store there was another model standing in front of the Abercrombie larger than life photo of another model only dressed in jeans. A photographer was standing there and snapping pictures. This model was dressed to look like the photo. He was shirtless. Now don’t get me wrong, he had a very nice chest, but you don’t usually expect to came face to face with shirtless males in a store. I don’t know if he was taking pictures for an ad or with customers, but I had no plans on standing around to find out. Although that would have made one beautiful picture with his arm around my shoulder ;-).

Oh, and I decided to become a Giants fan so that I can start debating this popular sports topic online. I listened to my first game Monday night, which they won 36-22. It was fun to listen to the game on the radio, but I do not think I will ever get into it, the way I have with baseball and hockey, without being able to watch the games on TV.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

No Time

Sorry for the long delay between posts, but I have just started getting very busy. When I do have time I have no computer. When I have a computer I am working on things for my new job.

I was planning on analyzing the collapse of the Yankees and what I thought had gone wrong. However, after Lidle's tragic death none of it really seemed important anymore and that event put everything in perspective. All I have to say is that A-Rod better be back next year, but the criticism will never cease because once again he failed in the playoffs this season.

Over the hollidays my grandfather actaully gave me a deadline. One which I do not plan on reaching, know I will not reach, and I am happy to be missing this deadline. He told me I have to be engaged in two months. I told him no, not happening, sorry. So he decided to be "nice" and extend it to six months. At that point I was no longer listening as he went on his rant about how I have been fooling around and I have to get serious or I will never get married. I had to hold the phone away from my ear so that I wouldn't raise my voice. All of my other cousins over age 18 (except) one are all married and either have kids or are pregnant. You would think he would be satisfied with that, but no. All I have been hearing from him and most of my family for the past 4 years is why aren't I married yet. Hurry up they all tell me. I try to smile and say at the right time, but enough is enough. You don't really believe things will happen at the right time if you question why I am not married yet.

I do not feel the need to listen to the pressure family and society tries to place on me. I refuse to settle. I believe that when the right time comes things will fall into place. Until now I definitely was not ready for marriege. I am happy with my single life and I don't care what others think. I will do what's best for me and not what is best for everyone else or at least what they think is best. So they can "noo noo" all they want and drag over shadchanim to meet me, but I am going to do things my way and the sooner they realize that the better (although I don't think they will until I do get married). That wedding will definitely shock them. Have some faith in G-d that He will take care of things and they cannot rush it along. I do.

Monday, October 09, 2006


So much to talk about, but unfortunately the sports must come first. The comments will come later. The wound is still too fresh to give you my opinions on what I think went wrong. The one person who can make up for it is long gone.

This poem was inspired by the Yankee collapse. I know some of you will say it is just a game, but it was more than a game to me, way more. It was my escape when things were going bad. A comfort zone. Yankee baseball was almost like another friend who didn't tear me down verbally. This season I had had enough "waiting for next years" to last me a while.

whatever it takes
to win
striving to be
the best
achieve greatness
the ultimate

in denial
can't be
can this happen

let down
missed opportunity
best yet

blurry vision
just need
to knock
some sense
wake up
do something
you can't win
by doing nothing
show some emotion
show you care
show that
it means something
put up a fight

can't pretend
it didn't happen
the world
won't let me
give me
some time
back off
let me lick
my wounds
let reality
sink in

meant to be
G-d wanted it
it doesn't mean
I have to
like it

Thursday, October 05, 2006

ALDS Game 1

I started this post this morning, but I didn't get very far before I had to abandon it for work. It's now 10pm and thanks to the rain which has canceled Game 2 I have time to finish, although it will be short, sweet, and to the point.

October baseball begins. I can't believe it is playoff time again. Let the battles begin.

Overall it was a great game. Wang pitched pretty well, he did not have his best stuff but he piched well enough to win decisively. So the question most people have is why did Torre take Wang out in the 7th with only 2 outs. He had only thrown 93 pitches and was on a roll having retired the last 6 Tigers. Why would Torre venture into a shaky bullpen if he didn't have to?

Torre went to Myers to face a lefty and try to get the last out in the 7th. But Myers has not looked good for most of August and September. He was on the verge of striking out Granderson, but a foul tip kept him alive. Then Granderson turned on a pitch and hit it out of the park. The only reason Myers is on the team is to get out lefties and last night he failed big time. So then in trots Proctor. Proctor was great in the regular season, but he had the most relief appearances in the major leagues. Lat night he was not as sharp a usual when he let the first 2 batters reach base. Even I started to get a little nervous, but he got the last out. On comes Farnsworth for the 9th. he is usually an all or nothing guy and it looked like a nothing night when he threw his first 6 pitches for balls. When he let the tying run come to the plate I was really squirming and waiting for Mo in the 9th. I knew the bullpen was tired, but I didn't think they would be this bad. Well at least farnsworth will get his night off (said sarcastically).

I was also very worried about Sheff. Sure he is a great athlete, but he has only played first base for a little more than a week. I thought there was a very real possibility of him making a big error (or being unable to complete a crucial DP)and costing us the game. So far things are looking good and I can't complain. he even made a spectacular (I thought) stretch for an inning ending DP and ending up in a split position.

Great offense. The lineup, dubbed Murderers Row and the Cano by the Tigers, was all that and more. They got 5 runs in the 3rd, had 6 straight hits, and it all started with a little infield single by Damon. Abreu went 2 for 4 with 4 big RBIs. A-Rod had great at bats. Jeet was his usual october self and then some when he went 5 for 5 with 2 singles, 2 doubles, a homer, and a curtain call. After his homer A-Rod was the first one up the dugout steps to greet him. 2 of Jeter's hits created rallies that changed the game.

Tino threw out the first pitch. I missed it :-( because I only got to my friend's house in the bottom of the first to watch the game. He is such a classy guy and my favorite Yankee. I really miss him.

One last side note. the Devils signed Brian Gionta to a 3 year $12 million deal. He had amazing numbers last season. Very happy they brought him back. Maybe this year I will finally get to go and catch a game.

End result: Yankees 8 Tigers 4

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Quick Note

I have submitted a short story to Elster's Storytellers. Check it out if you dare.
This is the first short story I have ever written and while I enjoyed the experiment it will not become my new career.

Also, be sure to check out this link on the Isreal Baseball League tryouts (a short summary shown on

More updates to follow as the Yankees begin their playoff series against the Detroit Tigers. GO YANKEES!!