Sunday, January 14, 2007

Quick Hello

I never thought I would be too busy to find time to blog. I thought I could at least post over weekends. But lately I have not had much time. I will not blog from work or someone else's computer, and usually by the time I get home I fall into bed. This weekend I have been packing for a family trip to Israel and I will be gone for almost two weeks. I have so much to write about, but no time to write it.

Nevertheless, I decided to pop in for a quick hello and to tell over something that was slightly disturbing. A few weeks ago, on Friday afternoon I was walking, or rather speedwalking, to the bus stop from work. I was less than a block away when I spotted a sketchy looking middle aged man with a camera around his neck. He definitely did not look like a tourist and I was immedietely suspicious. So I kept my head down and tried to walk out of his line of site. But during holiday season the streets around Rockefeller Center are jammed and I was not having much luck. I decided to make a run for it as I saw the bus around the corner, and out of the corner of my eye I saw the man lift his camera. I had a bad feeling he was going to snap a picture. Sure eneough as soon as I got withing five feet he focused the camera on my face snapped a picture so fast I did not have time to react. I have no idea why he decided to pick me as his subject, but it really disturbed me. He looked like someone who was taking pictures of people for the wrong reasons. Gave me the creeps.

I hope I will get back to blogging regularly when I get back. There is so much on my mind and so many sports incidents I would have loved to analyze and comment on.