Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Baseball Talk

I would like to congradulate the Mets (and their fans) on the series win last weekend. That said, there is still another 3 games to go before bragging right are decided. All 3 games were decided by one run. The Yankees could have won all 3 and just as easily lost all 3. In the last game they had a shot to put the game away a few times, but couldn't get the big hit. One note, Bernie still has it. I loved that pop up double in game 3.

Randy Johnson is a definite liability to the Yankees until he can get his pitching back on track and adjust to his "slower" fastball. Against the Mets he gave up 6 runs in 5 innings. Randy said, "I'm not a quiter," but on the mound it certainly appears as if he's given up. There's no fire, no mean streak, no confidence. I'm almost afraid to see what will happen against Boston tonight. On his agenda, hopefully he can remember to include payback for Manny after the display he put on at home plate when he hit that big home run off Proctor. That kind of showing up is just not allowed and should not be tolerated in baseball. When you hit a home run you can't just stand at home plate and watch it go, then stand there and point to the ball, and then as a final insult point to Proctor with both hands and stare him down before finally going to jog around the bases. The Yankees had better start playing tough and drill Manny, not in the head or anywhere close, but in the ribs where he can feel it and know that his behavior will not be tolerated. Enough of the class act and soft play. Sometimes you have to do what you gotta do. Class is good, but there are limits. They gotta step up and stand up for their players. And they have to stop letting Ortiz and Manny kill them every game. Don't give them a fastball down the middle on an 0-2 count.

As for Pavano, don't get me started. I wouldn't be shocked if he never recovers. Ok, maybe that's exagerating a little, but every time he's almost there he gets another injury. I know he's working hard to get back, but this is beyond crazy. He has a 40 million dollar contract for 4 years and he hasn't pitched since June 27th (only 100 innings in a Yankee uniform and went 4-6).

Oh, and those 2 shots by A-Rod against Boston were great. I don't know why he gets hot and cold (Mets series) this season, but I hope he gets more consistent.
That's all for now.

Oh, one final note, I just heard that Jorge Julio was traded for El Duque, what do you Mets fans think of that trade?

Friday, May 19, 2006


Before my eyes
Then put away
Maybe for later
For when
I do not know
I’m sure there’s a reason

First you showed me it all
Only to snatch it away
Faster than
The blink of an eye
Something to keep my hope alive
Only to have it die
Later that day

But I can’t take much more
Of these teases
I have a limit
And my dreams
Seem to be slipping away
Just beyond my reach
I’m scared to let go

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What A Comeback

Where do I even begin. Another emotional rollercoaster, baseball style. The Yankees seem to have nine lives. It is impossible to fully relate what an amazing game it was, truly unbelievable, but I will try to capture some of the highlights.

First things first, the Yankees were playing without three of their top offensive players: Matsui, Sheffield, and Giambi. Chacon did not have it from the start of the game. He was behind in every count and, as a result, could only use fastballs and not his offspeed and breaking pitches, which are what enable him to get batters out (his fastball is not fast enough to use by itself). In the first inning he gave up 2 runs and could not make it through the second. I think he left when it was 5-0. Small came on to try to stop the bleeding and save the bullpen, But...he immdeietely gave up a 3 run homer. Things did not look good and at the end of the (top of the) 2nd it was 9-0 Rangers. At this point, even I was not feeling to good about things. There is always a nagging voice in the back of my mind saying, "they can come back, you know they can, you say it done last season down about 9 runs." Yanks 2nd, 1 run. Well, it's a start, but the Rangers came right back with another run in the 3rd. However, then Small was able to shut the door and finally had a great outing of 4 and 1/3rd solid innings after the shaky beginning. Maybe the Small of old is around the corner. The Yankees can certainly hope. Maybe this gets him back on track. 3rd inn. the Yanks got another 2 runs. 10-3. The Yanks keep pushing and never give up. And then in the 6th inn. the Yanks let it all go. They scored 6 runs to reatke the lead 11-10. Unbelievable. Jeter hit a 3 run homer to really get things close at 10-8, Bernie chipped in with a Big hit. The players even added a bunch of sacrifices to get in many of the key runs. Abc ball is a must now as every run is more valuable with diminished offense (great sign). But, Texas was not done either and countered with a 2 run homer to retake the lead 12-11. Huge key play at the plate that nearly knocked out Posada who was very shaken up after managing to hold onto the ball after the nasty collision. In the bottom of the 7th, the Yanks tie the game back up with a sacrifice fly by Posada. Then in the top of the 9th with the game tied and runners on Mariano Rivera entered the game. You are thinking, "The Yanks can't lose this game, not after this comeback, not with Mo on." Mo will always be MO, but he has blown a few leads recently and he blew this one when he gave up a double and a run. 13-12 Rangers going to the bottom of the 9th. Last Licks. Damon got on with a single, he moved to 2nd on jeter's groundout, 1 on 1 out. A-Rod is up and his a bullet that was caught in centerfield, close, but no cigar. 1 on 2 out. And then up walks Jorge Posada. He worked the count to 3-1, I was only hoping for a game tying single, I was wishing I could take back Posada's homer from Sunday and insert it here, but I couldn't (it turns out it was done for me) and then came the pitch and Posada's bat connected with the ball, CracK..............Some games you know you just can't lose..........

This is a game to remember for the ages. Good things do happen. UNBELIEVABLE. Dramatic. You've never seen it all. How do you figure that. Great pick me up. Lifts Rivera and the team. The Yankees came back to overcome a 9 run deficit for only the 4th time in their storied history. Posada had a tremendous game and a great start this year. Imagine, so many people wanted him gone, traded, when he has only gotten better and better. He is invaluable to the team offensively, defensively, great with handling the pitchers, and a leader in the clubhouse. The veteran Yankee "old-timers" really made this night possible. it is always those guys who lead the charge. Jeter had an unbelievable night. He was on base 5 of 6 times, 4 hits and a walk, clutch 3 run homer that brough the Yanks back into the game only trailing by 2 runs, he always steps up and gets it started. (+Bernie's key hit) Can't forget that the bullpen came through to keep them in the game and allow for the comebcak when the team could have just given up. 17 hits and 14 runs. Anything is possible.

What an unbelievable night. Words cannot completely express it.

How can you ever wonder why a diamond is a girl's best friend?!

I had some champagne to celebrate ;-)
The only words are WOW. WOW

Monday, May 15, 2006

News Flash

I was flipping through the Saturday Sports Section of the New York Times when I came across an article that made me smile. The title read, "Israel Dreams Big, As In Big League." After I read the article I was speechless. Larry Baras plans for the sport to debut sometime next year and for the country to participate in the 2009 WBC. All the American Jews playing in the major leagues can obtain citizenship and play for the Israeli team. The article lists 11 major laeguers who are Jewish and there are probably many more in the minor leagues.

G-d really does look out for you. When I was thinking about making aliyah one thing that really worried me was where I would find a job with only a BA in Political Science and no fluency in the language. (I know almost everyone speaks English there...) Now, I could pursue my dream of a job in the sports field, specifically in baseball. I have nothing to stop me from making aliyah when the time comes, no excuse not to go. It's like G-d keeps pushing me closer and sending messengers and signs to change my mind.

In truth, I was wondering why there was no baseball in Israel. There are many Americans who live there and would fully support the effort. The economy is great, technology very advanced, and the democracy is one of America's greatest allies. The entertainment already seems Americanized, so why not add baseball. I think the sport will attract a very large audience. Israel will need time to get baseball rolling, build larger stadiums, and improve the teams. But, in a few years they should be able to compete with the "big boys." I was recently discussing the idea of recruiting Jewish players from America to the current sports teams in Isreal, like basketball and soccer. But, baseball is my favorite sport and I really know the ins and outs so to be able to apply that idea would be even more fun.

I will try to find out more about this effort and how I can get involved.

Some other quick points:
The Devils lost to the Carolina Hurricanes 4 games to one. That 5-1 win in game 3 came out of nowhere, but it only prolonged the inevitable. I still think if it weren't for that devestating loss in game 2 the Devils could have won the series. But, what's done is done. It was a great season, and after that winning streak and the great Rangers series it's a shame it had to end. I was disapponted to say the least, but there's always next year :-/. I wonder who will coach next year, will they bring in someone new or keep Lou in there. I feel like they will get someone else, but the team played very well for him.

Rowand's catch- The Phillies outfielder ran into the fence and broke his nose as well as fractured some bones around his left eye in a game saving catch (the Phills won 2-0). Isn't it common sense not to have a metal fence in a baseball stadium. Outfielders run into the wall all the time to grab the ball, bring back a home run, or smack into when they can't put on the brakes fast enough after racing to make a catch.

A-Rod has really had a breakout in the last week with some pivotal game winning homers. What do all the A-Rod haters have to say now?

Thursday, May 11, 2006

What a Night

Where do I start? I was already down from the Devils devestating loss last night. Who knew that after 15 wins they would lose 3 straight. Anyways back to the Yankees. Leftfeilder, Hideki Matsui is out for possibly the rest of the season after trying to make a diving catch and breaking his wrist. Unfortunately, his streak of consecutive games is over: he played for 10 straight seasons in Japan and every game a s a Yankee. He was always there and his presence will definitely be missed. With Sheffield still out and now Hideki's injury, the Yankees are missing two of their key offensive players. Now more than ever the other players will have to step up, run more, sacrifice more, and get the runs home. Torre said that he will be out a minimum of 3 months. Not only does his wrist have to heal, but he will need extensive rehab. The Yankees always relied on him and now they will have to find a way to get through it. The clubhouse was really quiet and Damon called the loss "crushing."

Back to the game for now. Some positives and some negatives. Even though they lost 5-3 I thought they desreved to win. They played a great game so I'm not as diappointed. Throughout the game there were unbelievable defensive plays: Crosby stole a 2 run homer from Boston as well as Damon, Cano made some great plays to keep runners from moving up, and Jeter made a great play that didn't turn out so well... (he did make an error in the first, but it doesn't happen often). Besides for the defensive plays, Crosby had an awesome night offensively as well, including an almost homer turned triple, single, he stole second, and scored a run. He gave Torre a great audition for why he should be in the lineup to replace either Sui (my nickname for Matsui) or Sheff.

Bernie also had a great night. That double in the 8th with no one out could have started a big rally, but the negative here was that Posada could not move him up and the next 2 batters could not get him home either. That run would have tied the game again. Damon did not have a good night, except for the amazing catch, and he admitted that he better pick up his game to help the team. Chacon was all over the place tonight which does not give you a good feeling, but he has gut and grit. He kept the Yanks in the game and only gave up 2 runs. The bullpen was great! Sure they gave up the lead, but when they take over in the 5th you don't get perfection. Rivera did give up a run, but he is human. No complaints from me. He's the best in the game, and they still would have lost. Proctor, how good has he been!

Onto Jeter. Another awesome game from him, on base 3 of 5 times. He is one of the greatest clutch hitters in the game. He always seems to come through to pick the team up. In the 7th he made an great play, but when he threw from the air the throw was high to Cairo who tried to tag the runner while in the air (jumped up to grab the ball), but the ball dropped and 2 runners scored giving Boston the lead. I loved the double steal. Great running game tonight, team stole 5 bases in 5 tries. A great way to make runs happen.

As for A-Rod, almost all NYY fans have been bashing him at the Stadium (smother him with boos) and on the sports talk shows. No one gives him a chance. Fans expect him to get a hit every time at bat, but it doesn't work that way. He was the AL MVP last season and one of the best players ever in the game of baseball. He will break records in the years to come and possibly even surpass Bonds for homers. Back off him. He is a great guy, great role model for young kids (I'm not talking about religiously), has a great work ethic, and if anything pushes himself too hard. He too wants to be perfect, but no one is. He will never be Derek Jeter, but I'll take him any day. He is very sensetive (didn't come out last night for the curtain call, understandable, but not everyone was booing so I wish maybe he'd suck it up, but it was a good way to make a statement by not saying anything). I wish he weren't, but you can't do anything about that so fans better stop bashing him for no reason. Give him some breathing room and count yourselves lucky he is on your team. Give him the credit he desrves. As a caller said today, "no one will want to come to NY if that's the way fans treat one of the greatest players ever."

That's all for tonight. More tomorrow. whew

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Last night I was walking past the FOX News studio and I saw the Hannity and Colmes show being filmed live. As passionate as I am about sports, I was also taken with politics. That all started in high school. On my commute home I used to listen to the Sean Hannity show, a conservative political talk show. I became a Hannity groupie and after growing up in a house of Democrats I realized that I identified most with the Republicans. I made sure to stay informed on all the issues and had long debates with my father, especially when I told him I was registering as a Republican.

When I got to college I decided to make politics my future career and really became active. I volunteered and interned on many campaigns during my summers and free time. In class I had daily debates with all my professors and many classmates. It was me against all the liberal Democrats, and believe me there were many. Slowly I began to find more Republicans to gang up with, which made class even more fun. But, because of all my work and my daily commute I began to listen less and less to political talk shows after the 2004 election was over and started listening to more music and more sports talk shows. Yet, I always followed current events and the main issues of the day.

Ultimately sports won out over politics, but last night reminded me that I have to get with the political program again. I miss those fiery debates even though I still have my sports debates. Politics is much more important than sports when it comes to its effect on our daily lives. I think it's past time I let it slide.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Emotional Rollercoaster, Sports Fashion

A Message From The Author: I am overdramatizing a little for the sake of some humor. Although I am a die hard sports fan and a career in sports is my dream, I do have my priorities in order and I know it is just a game. Still I get very into it.

Yes, I am female, but my emotional rollercoasters usually occur during high pressure sports games. Tonight, was one of those nights. The Yankees are playing Boston tomorrow night so at least I only had to deal with hockey. The Devils began tonight down 1-0 in the series against Carolina (a 6-0 blowout on Shabbos which I'm thankful I missed), and game 2 was pivotal. Langenbrunner's early first period goal was a great sign and the Devils played very well early on. However, a one goal lead is very shaky and the game can change in a second so needless to say I was on my toes. Carolina scored late in the 2nd period to tie it up. It was turning out to be a great game, or so it seemed. Brodeur was great, and the Devils had the lead. But, the Devils were not taking enough shots and were not taking enough rebounds. They were not challenging Carolina's rookie goaltender (who had not played in back to back games). A little detour for a second, Brodeur, the Devil's goalie, and arguably one of the best goalie's ever, is Ward's idol, Carolina's goalie.

Anyways back to the action, with the minutes ticking away in the third period it certainly seemed that the game was going into overtime. 5 minutes left, 4 minutes left, 3, 2... All throughout the game the announcers keep reading off the time minutes and seconds and you can feel the suspense. It builds and builds. It was down to the final minute. The countdown in seconds began. Then suddenly the Devils took control of the puck and stormed into Carolina's defensive zone. Parise, my favorite player, (because he is my age so it's cool to follow his progress and maturity into a quality NHL player) passed the puck to Gomez who ultimately deflects it in. SCORE!!!!!!!!! With 20 seconds left in the game the Devils had the lead, 2-1. I was so excited. But, Carolina protested the goal so it was reviewed "upstairs." Oh the stress. But, the goal was ruled legitimate!!!! To me I thought the game was as good as over and the Devils had tied the series. But, no, that would be too easy. The Devils had control of the puck as the clock wound down 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 BUT with 3 seconds left a Hurricane player managed to deflect the puck behind Brodeur and the game was tied. I went from elation to shock, disgust, and letdown. How cruel? In a split second everything had changed. The game, the series, the playoffs, and the season. In sudden death overtime there are no second chances. The first person to score wins. Sure, we had the best goalie in the NHL in Brodeur, but I was not happy with the Devils offense. Sure enough three minutes in, after some good Devil opportunities, Carolina scored the winning goal. The air went out of the "balloon". After winning 15 straight before this series the Devils were now down 2-0 to a great hockey team who now had all the momentum. Yes, the Devils are going back home for games 3 and 4 where they have the opportunity to tie up the series, but in game 3 all the pressure is on the Devils because it is a must-win for them. Hopefully, they can get hot again because it would certainly be a shame to lose it now. To go on a real losing streak now. Bad timing. After that great second half comeback this season they "can't" lose now. I'm sure most of you have long since tuned out. For those who are still with me I hope you enjoyed the saga. Stay tuned as the emotional rollercoaster rolls on to game 3. Go Devils. Go Go Go Devils.

Tomorrow I will write the post I originally intended to before this devestating loss that just called for some emotional release. I am all tired out now so I think I'll catch some rest before tomorrow's Yankee Red Sox showdown, where once again it will be a battle for first place even as the Yankees lead a mere percentage points. One note on Johnson, I couldn't resist ;-), last year he dominated in Yankee Stadium and owned the Red Sox; however, this year he is definitely not the same pitcher he once was, so it remains to be seen which Randy will show up to pitch. That is the key to the game, in my humble opinion.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Now What...?

I wrote this a few months ago and was unsure about whether to post it or not. But, here it goes.

You think you finally found it all…after all the waiting …and knowing you won’t settle for less...because you know it’s out there…and then you find it, or maybe it found you…the timing seems perfect...instant connection…not perfection, but awfully close…closer than you dreamed…even if it involves a little compromise and change…makes you want it all the more…but then all of a sudden it is out of reach and there is nothing you can do…it hurts all the more because although it’s nice to know you were right and it is out there and you found it your way…like it was sent straight to you from G-d…but now what…how do you continue…is anything else settling for less…was that the once in a lifetime…you can’t wait forever in case there is a change of heart but you don’t want to settle for less…everything else will now be compared to that one moment in time.

There is nothing I can do at the moment, but sit back and wait. Yet, it helps to get it out.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Meeting Jorge

I was in the city last week and as I was passing Barnes and Noble I looked at the books that were just released. On one of the big carboard signs it said: Jorge Posada book signing Monday April 24th at 1pm. Just my luck it was April 24th. Posada is one of my favorite Yankees and a classy guy. So I went to get some lunch and then went back to Barnes and Noble. I bought the children's book he was signing for about 17 dollars. I was not dying to read the book, but it would be great to get my copy autographed for later. Barnes and Noble was expected a line down the street, but there were only about 20 people in line. Even so they did not allow any dilly dallying, pictures with Jorge, or personal autographs. I wanted to tell him, "Great game last night and good luck with the season," but I was told to continue on. So I just got to stand there while he signed my book, snap a quick picture, and grab another look before I was told to step away. Boy were they uptight there. But, it was still worth it. I can only hope I will meet him again under friendlier circumstances.